How Much to Tip a Mover?

Tipping Your Mover

Moving into a new home is often exciting. When a truck arrives with personal household goods, everyone is also a little anxious. All crews know that customers expect each item to be placed in its proper place in the same condition as originally packed. Crews use great care to satisfy customers and deliver each item as promised. As relief settles in after unloading, customers often wonder how much to tip a mover.

A good rule of thumb is $20 per mover per day. So if you had a three man moving crew for one day, that would be $60 in tips as a minimum.

When deciding how much to tip a mover, tradition provides guidance. A $20 per person gratuity is customary for a crew of four. The crew may be larger or smaller, yet a customary gratuity is based on an average household. If two men perform the work of a four-man crew, the crew deserves twice the appreciation. Likewise, if six men perform a four-man job, the gratuity per person is less.

The Life of a Mover

Moving furniture is hard physical work. Men who unload trucks for a living know intimately, at a glance, how much furniture may weigh. Hefting a 400 pound couch is only part of the process. Negotiating stairways and doors without rubbing is essential to avoid stains and protect family heirlooms. Two storey homes and walk-up apartments also require more effort. Crews take pride in their work and strive diligently to care for each item as if a personal possession. These men and their families also depend on bonuses for job well done. When deciding how much to tip a mover, consider attention to detail, professional curtsey, and the personal care used to protect your belongings.

When to Tip a Mover

Moving companies often work cooperatively when long distances are involved. Interstate moves and cross-country moves are prime examples. Major companies employ movers locally to load and unload trucks. This practice prevents extended overnight traveling and ultimately saves each homeowner substantial costs. In all probability, the men who load a truck on the East Coast will not unload on the West Coast. Because two different crews are involved, both crews customarily receive tips.

When the same crew performs both loading and unloading work, consider adding an extra bonus. Local and regional jobs require twice the effort when compared to long distance moves.

Tips are Discretionary

How much to tip a mover depends on several factors. Compare large and small jobs to a typical three bedroom home. A two bedroom home involves slightly less work, while a four bedroom home requires slightly more effort. An extensive collection of tools, toys, camping gear or other recreational items may require substantially more care and effort. Weather also affects the amount of work involved. Crews respect deadlines in extreme conditions regardless of personal discomfort and additional effort required. Added effort in extreme conditions deserves consideration.

Unpacking and Storing Service

A traditional gratuity covers the cost of unloading. Customers may also take advantage of full service unpacking services. Unpacking boxes and storing items require attention to detail to handle each item individually and find a proper place. Frequently, homeowners supervise and offer advice. Crews understand customer concern and gladly work side by side with customers who participate. The additional time and effort required to unpack items thoughtfully also deserves consideration when deciding how much to tip a mover. Time and effort spent while unpacking may easily double the time required completing a job.