Selecting a Mover

Quite naturally, homeowners may feel a little overwhelmed by the prospect of selecting a mover for an entire household. The process however is not necessarily difficult when adopting a solid plan and relying on professional help. The key for success is to find a top-quality professional service for an affordable price.

Quality and Cost Considerations When Selecting a Mover

Finding the best company for any particular job requires a clear understanding of the processes involved. In the moving industry, this process includes both the physical transport of property and goods to a new location, and just as importantly, also includes company support and reputation. The best companies stand behind the quality of all services provided before, during and after completing a job. As a first inquiry when selecting a mover, ask about all included services and request a free written cost estimate.

What Moving Services are Included?

Out-of-pocket expenses for a typical move include packing supplies and services, loading and unloading trucks, transportation costs, any potential additional fees for unforeseen circumstances, and insurance adequacy and availability. In most situations, all fees and costs are provided in a single written cost estimate. Nevertheless, all homeowners should verify that all of these items are included in each written estimate. If any item is not clearly included, inquire further. Consider requesting a contract addendum if any cost or service is not adequately explained.

Reputation is Important When Selecting a Mover

The best moving companies build solid reputations by striving to insure each customer’s satisfaction. These companies know that the best advertising available is a satisfied customer who recommends services to friends. Additionally, the best companies also provide information about professional licenses, bonds, trade organizations and industry affiliations. Ask about the availability of customer references for moves completed recently.

All reputable companies have years of experience and attract few complaints with the Better Business Bureau. In particular, pay attention to Better Business Bureau reports that pertain to goods damaged in transit. The best companies have few reported cases of damaged goods or complaints about the claim resolution process. Be wary of any company that attracts numerous complaints.

The Good Feeling Test

When selecting a mover, homeowners may notice that each company has a unique outlook and standard of quality for customer care. The best companies welcome all inquires and are eager to please customers. Employees smile and answer phone calls quickly, obtaining answers to questions is easy, and an overall feeling of confidence begins to build. If you have a special request or particular concern, do not hesitate to ask for assistance. Notice carefully how employees respond.

An overall feeling of trust when talking to company personnel is a great indication when selecting a mover. Moving personal belongings is highly personal process. Each homeowner and their belongings deserve an equally high level of personal care. Once finding the best option available, this feeling is all but assured.

All reputable companies gladly provide this information to insure customers receive complete disclosure when selecting a mover. The lowest price quoted is seldom the highest quality service. The highest quote does not guarantee the best service available. To find the best service for an affordable cost requires thoughtful comparison-shopping. Read all proposed contracts carefully and ask questions about the fine print. One company will rise above all others.

If You Do Nothing Else...

While all the advice we have imparted is important, If you do nothing else but these three simple steps you will be in good shape. First, make sure that your potential mover is a member of the AMSA or American Moving and Storage Association. Second, make sure that your mover is a member make sure that your mover is a member of the Better Business Bureau in your community and has a clean record. Third, make sure that your estimate with your mover is binding. A non-binding estimate can leave you open to a vast array of charges that you didn't expect or are prepared to pay.

Lastly, on moving day, take the exhaustive measure of going through your entire home with the mover as he documents every single item before it is loaded on the truck. Also make sure that you keep a copy of that document and that every item on that document is accounted for before allowing the movers to leave.