Moving Tips from Houston Movers

Industry experts often cite the statistic that the third most stressful life event after death of a loved one and divorce is moving. While the stigma of moving as stressful event persists. Houston movers has found that moving is not stressful for everybody. In fact there is a subset of our clients that actually enjoy their move. Who are these mysterious happy movers? Answer: The planners.

We all know somebody that can project manager their life and anticipate every detail of their lives months from now. These are also the people that have weekend «to-do» lists. Even if you are not a planner in your day-to-day life, consider adopting a successful planning mindset just this once, because it will make your life much easier. So here are thing you want to plan.

Moving To-Do Lists: If you are managing your move with your spouse or room-mate consider using a shared moving checklist on-line. You can use a Google spreadsheet for free. This way you make sure that there is no duplication of efforts and also maybe even cross off a few items on your to-do list while you are work. Most importantly you are the same page with your spouse or room mate about what is supposed to happen and when.

Moving Quotes: Start getting moving quotes from moving companies at least 4-6 weeks before you anticipated move date. Key things to ask you prospective mover; 1.) Is this a binding estimate.  2.) Are you a member of the American Moving and Storage Association.  3.) Are you a member of the Better Business Bureau.  4.) Would you mind providing a few reference in the last two months of people you have moved.

Moving Supplies: Most people are shocked at the price of moving boxes and packing supplies and for good reason. It can cost upwards of $200-$300 dollars in moving supplies to pack a three-bedroom home. The best way to keep cost down is to shop-online instead of through your mover or storage company, because  movers can’t get moving supplies any cheaper than you can.
MovingDayBoxes.Com is the largest on-line provider of moving boxes and supplies and offers next-day free shipping to all of Texas.

There are many more things that can be done to make your move more care-free, but if you tackle just these three well you move will be 80% less stressful.

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