Houston Move Planner

The best way to insure a move occurs smoothly is to rely on professional help. All moving boxes and supplies are provided, a crew of professional movers performs all heavy lifting, and full packing services are available. Homeowners have enough to worry about without trying to perform the work of a four man professional crew in one or two days.

Every move should also include common preparation to make each transition as easy as possible. Most moving advice is obvious, yet it could be one forgotten call that ruins an otherwise great plan.

Planning a Successful Move

The best moving advice is wasted if planning does not begin in advance. Contact schools early to insure children are expected and welcome. Pets may require special arrangements for travel and vaccinations for registration. Allow time to schedule movers, purchase packing supplies, book hotels and reserve flights. A well-planned move should begin at least a month ahead to coordinate a few dozen necessities within days.

If packing everything without assistance, begin the process several weeks in advance. Review moving advice and packing tips before you begin. Packing boxes, duct tape, bubble wrap and markers are necessities. Specialty containers provide added protection for wardrobes, mattresses and heavy items. Begin packing seldom-used items first. As moving nears, only a few necessities should remain unpacked.

Food may cause a problem. The cost of transit is based on weight. Canned goods and beverages are heavy and transportation is expensive compared to purchase costs. These items should be the first consumed when relocating. In addition, perishable food items may spoil if not handled carefully and could be a health risk.

Packing Household Items

Bubble wrap is amazing. It is cheap to buy and provides a high degree of protection for fragile personal possessions. Rely on the experience and moving advice of professionals, and pack all delicate items in bubble wrap. Place delicate items near the top of each container and then add an additional layer on top. Movers stack boxes in trucks, so include a small space at the top of each container to allow for slight compression. The wrap keeps all contents tight and prevent rubbing but is resilient when pressure is applied.

Buy sturdy boxes that will survive packing and unpacking. The best boxes are available for an affordable cost and are clean. Avoid all worn, dirty or old boxes to prevent mishaps. This bit of moving advice is essential to avoid spills and preventable damage. Once packed, seal all boxes with heavy duty tape and label the contents for easy identification when unpacking. Consider color-coding labels by room to make unloading easy and quick.

Measuring Appliances

Before taking large appliances to a new home, measure each space for an adequate fit. Refrigerators, freezers, stoves, washers and dryers cause the most problems. If available space is not adequate, sell these items before paying for transportation costs.

Utilities and Services

Call utility and service providers. Both cancellation of existing services and the establishment of new services are required. Remember that services may include electricity, gas, water, security, cable, and any other personal convenience.

Houston City Ordinances

When relocating to a new city, inquire about municipal ordinances. For example, many cities regulate garbage pickup, watering lawns during droughts, pool and spa barriers, sidewalk obstructions, parking RVs in streets, and excessive pet noise. A few conversations with newfound neighbors may prevent the embarrassment of paying an unnecessary fine.