Headed to Houston? Here’s How You Can Avoid 3 Major Moving Mistakes

Wednesday, November 25th, 2015




Are you getting ready to move to Houston soon? As one of the largest metropolitan areas in the U.S. and with an estimated population of over 2 million people, it’s safe to say, Houston, Texas is a popular place to be. However, while you may be excited to make your way to Houston, you may not be quite so enthusiastic about the actual move. Because let’s face, moving is a process, between trying to get organized let alone finding a place to live, it’s a lot for anyone to handle. Which is why it is so important to avoid some of these major moving errors. After all, why make the process more difficult than it needs to be?


1.) Packing at the Last Minute

We’ve all been there, at least at some point in time or another. It’s easy to procrastinate, especially when it comes to do something we would rather avoid. However, when it comes to moving, the last thing that you want to do is create a time crunch. Leaving ample time to plan your move is key. Not only are you likely to be less organized when you rush through a move, you’ll also likely become a frazzled mess during the process. Whether this is your first move or last move avoid waiting until the last minute.


2.) Skimping on Labels

Of course, you will remember what you put in that box, or will you? While it may seem like a hassle right now, skimping on labels when you’re in the process of moving is never a good idea. While you don’t need to create an extensive labeling system, be sure to mark your boxes accordingly. After all, it’s pretty easy to forget where you left something. You’ll likely be tired after your move, so plan ahead and make your life a little easier. Unpacking won’t be as difficult if you know exactly what you’re working with. Besides, do you really want the headache of trying to find something lost in the shuffle?


3.) Selecting the Wrong Movers

The cheapest option should do the trick right? Well, not exactly. Although locking in great moving rates can certainly be exciting, you’ll want to be cautious of selecting the wrong movers. While many of us assume that it could never happen to us, the reality is that there are some less than reputable moving companies out there. Moving companies that may cause items to break, become misplaced, and in some cases completely disappear. While saving a few bucks might seem like a great deal initially, be sure to do your research first. The right movers can make your experience a breeze while the wrong movers can make it a complete nightmare.



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The Houston Astros are Moving to the American League

Saturday, November 10th, 2012

Houston Astros Moving to the American League

New league, new owner, new logo, new mascot.  Seems like everything is new for the Houston Astros right about now.  And, given the team’s struggles lately, that won’t necessarily be a bad thing.  So now that Houston is making the figurative move to the American League West, what does that mean for the city and the fans of the team?

New Faces, Same Challenges

Like for any of us, just because the Astros are moving doesn’t mean their life is going to get easier.  The National League Central wasn’t exactly chock full of great teams, but the AL West is definitely shaping up to be more of a challenge for their newest member.  Facing off against the Angels, the A’s, the Rangers and the upstart Mariners every year certainly won’t be easy.  The Astros are going to have to get a lot better pretty quickly if Orbit (the new mascot) is going to have anything to pump the crowd up about.  With any luck, the Astros will at least give the Rangers a run for their money once in awhile so that matchup can develop into a decent rivalry.

Opportunity Abounds

Having said all that, the time is certainly right for some success in this city.  The energy and enthusiasm that comes with new ownership should certainly help.  And the change of scenery from switching divisions probably couldn’t hurt, either.  I can’t imagine anyone will be expecting much from the Astros for awhile, so maybe they can get lucky and sneak up on some folks.  Better set our sites on something more like a 70 win season.

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Riding the METRORail in Houston, Texas

Thursday, September 27th, 2012

Houston, Texas METRORail

If you’ve been to downtown Houston, you’ve probably noticed the METRORail, an electric train that runs right through the heart of Houston.  The Metro stops at 16 different locations, including downtown, the Museum District, and the Medical Center.  The rail line a is very convenient way to move around Houston and operates right on the city streets.

METRORail Fares and Schedule

The rail only costs $1.25 to ride and riders can load a Q Card with money beforehand, making the purchase of tickets smooth and quick.  Schedule varies by day of the week, but trains arrive every 6 to 20 minutes (see the detailed schedule by clicking here).  The train reaches the end of the line in approximately 30 minutes, meaning riders always have a quick ride to their destination.

METRORail Expansion

Despite intense political opposition to its initial construction and continued reluctance on on the part of some Houston residents, several additional stations are currently under construction, with even more planned for the future.  Houston was one of the largest cities without a rail system prior to the METRORail’s construction and is getting more and more modern with every additional station.

The METRORail is a great way for visitors to cover a lot of Houston without much effort.  It also present residents with a great way to ditch the car and have a relaxing commute or weekend excursion.  Check out more information on the METRORail at their website (http://www.ridemetro.org/services/rail.aspx).

Electric Rail in Houston, Texas

What Are Houston, Texas “Island Cities?”

Tuesday, August 14th, 2012

Houston, Texas Island Cities

Anyone who’s lived in the Houston area is or looking to relocate there has probably heard the term “island city.”  Considering that Houston isn’t exactly on the water, the term can be somewhat confusing.  So, let’s explain what an island city is and talk about a few you may have heard of…

Houston, Texas Island Cities

Island cities refers to suburbs that are landlocked by the City of Houston.  As Houston continues to expand its borders and annex nearby lands, it tends to fully encircle nearby suburbs, limiting their expansion potential and making sure new residents to the area are true City of Houston residents.  Generally, these areas are referred to as being “inside the loop” (interstate 610).

Suburbs in the Houston Area

Of course, if you happen to relocate to one of these island city suburbs, that just means you’re that much closer to the action of downtown Houston.  Some of these suburbs include Hedwig Village, West University Place, and Spring Valley Village.

Be sure to check out our previous posts for write-ups on some of the most popular Houston suburbs.  Check them out by clicking the links on our Articles page: http://houstonmovers.org/articles/.

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Dealing With Traffic While Moving To, From, or Around the Houston Area

Friday, June 29th, 2012

Dealing With Traffic During a Houston Move

There’s not much negative you can say about Houston.  The weather is great, the entertainment and attractions are awesome, etc.  There are those times, though, when the traffic can be a real bear, especially if you happen to get caught in it during your move.  So let’s discuss some strategies to avoid, or at least minimize, traffic-related frustrations on your big moving day…

Insider Information for your Moving Day

One good thing about traffic jams is they tend to be mostly predictable.  This may be a bad thing if you’re a commuter with only one good route to choose from, but if you’re moving into, out of, or around the Houston area, chances are you’ll be more flexible.  With that in mind, you’ll want to scope out a few potential routes and see which is the best from a traffic perspective.  You can also talk to family and friends who might be more familiar with the area.  Heck, why not ask your movers to schedule you for a time and choose a route designed to avoid the worst traffic periods?  For up-to-date road construction info, check out the DOT site at http://traffic.houstontranstar.org/construction/construction_report.aspx.

Dealing with Traffic on Moving Day

So how do you setup moving day to properly deal with traffic?  Make sure you check out that link about as often as possible leading up to the day so there are no surprises.  Consider having a few backup routes in case your primary route is crazy.  Leave a little extra time in case of bad traffic.  Above all, don’t freak out if you get stuck in bumper-to-bumper.  Sure, the day drags on, but you’ll soon be in your new home and having a great time.

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Living in Houston – The Best Family Practice Doctors in Houston, TX

Thursday, June 14th, 2012

Doctors in the Houston, TX Area

If you’re thinking about moving to the Houston area, you’ve probably looked at the idea from all kinds of family-related angles.  Where should we live that’s safe for the kids?  How are the schools in that area?  But you should also be interested in the quality of doctors accessible to you at your new home.  Houston is renowned for its quality medical care, so why don’t we hit on a few of the best family doctors in the Houston area?

Dr. John Rodgers at St. Luke’s Episcopal Hospital

St. Luke’s is considered the premier hospital in the area for a wide array of specialties, and Dr. Rodgers is a big reason for that.  His areas of expertise include preventive medicine, sports medicine, and sports injury prevention.  He is also a professor of family medicine at Baylor College of Medicine.

Dr. George Parkerson, III at Harris County Hospital District

Also a professor of family medicine at Baylor College of Medicine, Dr. Parkerson’s specialty is travel medicine.  He sees patients at Harris County Hospital District, only a few miles away from St. Luke’s.  Dr. Parkerson obtained his education in the New England area but has been attending to patients in Houston for several years.

Dr. Theresa Bevers at University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center

Dr. Bevers is a family doctor at the Cancer Center that specializes in breast cancer risk assessments and screenings, cancer prevention, and clinical trials.  Located immediately adjacent to Rice University, the Cancer Center is nationally ranked in several specialties.

You want to keep your family safe with great doctors, which is awesome.  You’ll also want to keep your stuff safe during your move to Houston.  That means using reliable, professional moving companies at a price you can afford.  We’ve already sorted through all your options and can set you up with complimentary moving price quotes from the best relocation companies in Houston.  Just click the big orange bar to get started.

Finding the Best Movers in Texas

The data for the summaries above was taken from US News Health, which contains peer review doctor and hospital information.  Check them out at http://health.usnews.com/top-doctors/directory/best-in-houston-tx.

Tracking Down Houston Relocation Experts

Tuesday, March 13th, 2012

Houston Relocation Experts

It can be incredibly frustrating to move with the “help” of unreliable or shady movers.  It can almost be enough to make you question why you ever relocated in the first place.  Your first feeling when you step into your new home should not be regret or frustration.  That’s why it’s so important to find Houston relocation experts who offer a wide range of helpful services at affordable rates.  Depending on your recent experience, you probably either think these companies should be easy to find or that they flat don’t exist.  Let’s address both of these viewpoints…

In a perfect world, the creme would always rise to the top, as the saying goes.  It should be easy to find the highest quality Houston relocation experts, since these are the companies likely to have the best reputations with recent customers, etc.  Whether it’s poor advertising, good tactics by the unreliable movers, or something else, it can be difficult to determine who’s good and who’s not.

But do high quality Houston relocation experts even exist?  Believe it or not, reliable, affordable moving companies in the Houston area are everywhere, with a trail of satisfied customers to prove it.  But how can you cut to the chase and find them without risking choosing a fake?

That’s where we come in.  We’ve already assembled a list of the most reliable and affordable Houston relocation experts, allowing you to choose from only the best of the best.  All you have to do is click the giant orange bar below and fill out one quick form.  You’ll be on your way to the 77036, the 77060, and beyond in no time.

Affordable Moving Rates in the Houston Area

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Scoring Mammoth Deals on Moving Rates in Clute, TX

Monday, February 27th, 2012

Deals on Moving Rates in Clute, TX

Clute is a small city in the Houston area most well known for the famous discovery of a fossilized mammoth nearby.  Whether you’re a dinosaur hunter or not, the Clute area has a lot to offer to those looking to relocate to the small suburbs of Houston.  Not only that, but you can score a mammoth deal on moving rates from high quality movers in the Clute area…

Great Houston Area Movers are Not Extinct

An obvious joke, sure, but also something that a lot of people believe, especially those who have moved recently and found themselves underwhelmed by the quality of their movers.  It may sound like science fiction, but we happen to know there are companies out there with conscientious moving staff, affordable rates and a wide range of helpful services.  How do we know all that about moving rates in Clute, TX?  Because we’re in the business of making it easy for you to save big money on your move.

Digging Up The Best Moving Rates in the Houston Suburbs

So how do you go about getting in on the good times and finding the best movers and moving rates for your needs?  That’s the easy part.  All you do is click the big orange button below, fill out a quick form, and you’ll have movers competing for your business.  It couldn’t be easier, because we designed it to be easy.  Have a great move to the 77515 or the 77531!

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Relocating to League City, TX: There’s no Crying in Moving!

Sunday, November 13th, 2011

Relocating to League City, TX

For those of you too young or too Tom Hanks-less to recognize the quote, Hanks uttered the famous line, “There’s no crying in baseball!” in the 1992 film A League of Their Own.  Coincidentally, one of the many popular suburbs of Houston, Texas is known as League City.  If you’ve started looking into relocating to League City, TX, you might feel the frustration, stress, and possibly tears welling up.  Well, we’re here to tell you that there’s no crying in moving either.  With all the great movers out there nowadays, there’s no excuse for not having a great move

What Do the Best Houston Area Movers Look Like

This is an absolutely fair question, especially since most people are only familiar with crappy movers.  Before you descend into flashback memories of your last terrible movers, let’s hit some positives that great moving companies can provide you.  We’re talking about:

  • Professional, trained, uniformed moving staff
  • Clean, insured moving vehicles
  • A wide array of moving services, allowing you to customize your moving experience

Finding High Quality Suburban Houston Movers

Yeah, free money is awesome too, but you don’t exactly stumble across that everyday, do you?  So what’s the secret to tracking down these reliable, professional moving companies in the 77573?  Actually, it’s tons easier than you’d probably guess.  Now that you’re here at HoustonMovers.org, all you need to do is click the giant orange button below.  Five minutes later and you’ll be all setup to receive free moving price quotes from reputable Houston moving companies.  It’s so easy I might just cry.

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Moving with Fresno, Texas Storage Units

Friday, September 30th, 2011

Fresno, Texas Storage Units

One of the most stressful events of your life?  You guessed it, moving.  One of the worst parts about it is physically moving the boxes from place to place.  So when someone tells you that during a move to Fresno, Texas storage units can help you out, you’re probably thinking, “Why would I want to move my stuff twice?”  Well, keep reading for the answer why.

Moving to the Houston Area

Using Storage Units During a Move

Clearly, storage facilities are becoming more popular everyday, judging by the sheer number of the locations available.  They’re also becoming extremely popular during moves.  For example, if you need to be out of your place before you new place is available, Fresno, Texas storage units would be right up your alley.  You can also move large, fragile pieces ahead of time or even some of the boxes you pre-packed (which you should definitely do, by the way).

Finding the Best Texas Storage Facilities

Ok, but not all Fresno, Texas storage units are created equal.  Who’re the best people to consult with when it comes to finding the best unit?  Here at HoustonMovers.org, we specialize in connecting you with the best, most affordable moving companies to match your needs.  These companies also are well versed in the usage of storage units during a move.  Click the big orange button above to get hooked up with great Houston moving companies.

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