Need a New Job? Here’s Why Moving to Houston Could Pay Off

Wednesday, November 11th, 2015



Are you thinking about relocating? Have you found the job opportunities in your area to be minimal at best? If so, moving to Houston could be the answer you’ve been searching for. Home to over 26 Fortune 500 companies and an unemployment rate of only 4.5%, well under the national rate of 5.8%, Houston boasts a highly favorable employment outlook. Headquarters for countless industries from manufacturing to biotechnology, Houston offers a diverse and stable job market. If you’re considering making a change in your career and are looking for a place full of opportunity, Houston could be the place for you.


Houston’s Top Industries

Curious what potential job opportunities may be in store for you in Houston? While these industries are by no means the only industries in Houston, they’re some of the largest. Whether you have decided to move to Houston or not, you’ll want to get a better idea of some of the city’s most popular industries.


1.) Advanced Manufacturing & Technology

Did you know that Houston has one of the largest concentrations of industrial space in the U.S? In fact, Houston is home to over 6,000 manufacturers along with over 400 software development companies. A central hub for all things manufacturing and technology, the job market within these industries in Houston is favorable to say the least.


2.) Aerospace & Aviation

Houston is not just a great city to be in for manufacturing and technology, though; Houston is also a great place to be for aerospace and aviation. Home to the Johnson Space Center, one of the nation’s largest research and development facilities, Houston offers state of the art and world-renowned aerospace and aviation facilities.


3.) Biotechnology & Life Sciences

From opportunities in biotechnology to life sciences, Houston has it all. Currently, Houston has more than 130 hospitals and health clinics, many of them being some of the top facilities in the country. In addition, Houston is also home to the largest medical center in the world, the Texas Medical Center.


4.) Distribution & Logistics

Due to the city’s prime physical location between the east coast and west coast, Houston has become a major transportation hub. In addition, Houston has also been recognized as a major gateway for trade due to its proximity, making Houston a central location for countless industries.


5.) Energy

The energy industry is by far one of Houston’s largest industries. As headquarters in the U.S. for the oil and gas industry, Houston is home to nearly every segment of this industry. From the exploration to production to even transmission, there is hardly an aspect of the energy industry that cannot be found in Houston.


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Dealing With Traffic While Moving To, From, or Around the Houston Area

Friday, June 29th, 2012

Dealing With Traffic During a Houston Move

There’s not much negative you can say about Houston.  The weather is great, the entertainment and attractions are awesome, etc.  There are those times, though, when the traffic can be a real bear, especially if you happen to get caught in it during your move.  So let’s discuss some strategies to avoid, or at least minimize, traffic-related frustrations on your big moving day…

Insider Information for your Moving Day

One good thing about traffic jams is they tend to be mostly predictable.  This may be a bad thing if you’re a commuter with only one good route to choose from, but if you’re moving into, out of, or around the Houston area, chances are you’ll be more flexible.  With that in mind, you’ll want to scope out a few potential routes and see which is the best from a traffic perspective.  You can also talk to family and friends who might be more familiar with the area.  Heck, why not ask your movers to schedule you for a time and choose a route designed to avoid the worst traffic periods?  For up-to-date road construction info, check out the DOT site at

Dealing with Traffic on Moving Day

So how do you setup moving day to properly deal with traffic?  Make sure you check out that link about as often as possible leading up to the day so there are no surprises.  Consider having a few backup routes in case your primary route is crazy.  Leave a little extra time in case of bad traffic.  Above all, don’t freak out if you get stuck in bumper-to-bumper.  Sure, the day drags on, but you’ll soon be in your new home and having a great time.

Need reliable movers to get you there?  We’ve sorted through all the Houston moving companies and can provide you with free moving price quotes from the best relocation companies in the Houston area.  Just click the orange button below…

Relocating to the Suburbs of Houston

Living in Houston – The Best Family Practice Doctors in Houston, TX

Thursday, June 14th, 2012

Doctors in the Houston, TX Area

If you’re thinking about moving to the Houston area, you’ve probably looked at the idea from all kinds of family-related angles.  Where should we live that’s safe for the kids?  How are the schools in that area?  But you should also be interested in the quality of doctors accessible to you at your new home.  Houston is renowned for its quality medical care, so why don’t we hit on a few of the best family doctors in the Houston area?

Dr. John Rodgers at St. Luke’s Episcopal Hospital

St. Luke’s is considered the premier hospital in the area for a wide array of specialties, and Dr. Rodgers is a big reason for that.  His areas of expertise include preventive medicine, sports medicine, and sports injury prevention.  He is also a professor of family medicine at Baylor College of Medicine.

Dr. George Parkerson, III at Harris County Hospital District

Also a professor of family medicine at Baylor College of Medicine, Dr. Parkerson’s specialty is travel medicine.  He sees patients at Harris County Hospital District, only a few miles away from St. Luke’s.  Dr. Parkerson obtained his education in the New England area but has been attending to patients in Houston for several years.

Dr. Theresa Bevers at University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center

Dr. Bevers is a family doctor at the Cancer Center that specializes in breast cancer risk assessments and screenings, cancer prevention, and clinical trials.  Located immediately adjacent to Rice University, the Cancer Center is nationally ranked in several specialties.

You want to keep your family safe with great doctors, which is awesome.  You’ll also want to keep your stuff safe during your move to Houston.  That means using reliable, professional moving companies at a price you can afford.  We’ve already sorted through all your options and can set you up with complimentary moving price quotes from the best relocation companies in Houston.  Just click the big orange bar to get started.

Finding the Best Movers in Texas

The data for the summaries above was taken from US News Health, which contains peer review doctor and hospital information.  Check them out at

Moving Away – Why The Suburbs of Houston Are Awesome

Wednesday, May 30th, 2012

Suburbs of Houston

Like a lot of big cities, Houston is awesome because it has a lot of activities and entertainment to offer folks.  Unfortunately, living in downtown Houston isn’t for everyone, which is why they invented suburbs, I suppose.  Our last article talked about why Houston is so great for some people, so now let’s address what the suburbs have to offer recent relocates…

  • Great Suburban Houston Schools – One thing you have to give the Houston suburbs is the reputation of their schools.  It seems like you can head almost any direction from the heart of downtown and run smack dab into some fine educational institutions.  Don’t worry if your job keeps you close to the big city, residents easily find good schools in nearby suburbs like Kingwood.
  • Affordable Texas Housing – Regardless of your price range, you can rest assured the suburbs of Houston have a home for you.  With all the recent growth in the area, you pretty much have your choice of direction, too.  North, south, east, or west, you’ll find a home you can afford.
  • Big City Diversity – But what if you came to the Houston area to experience the diversity, culture, entertainment, and all that good stuff.  Who said you have to give that up to live in the ‘burbs?  We certainly didn’t.  All those experiences are still waiting for you in the suburbs, if you choose the right ones.

Regardless of your new town of choice, you’ll need reliable relocation experts to get you there, right?  That’s where we come in.  Just click the big orange button below to get started with free moving quotes from the best movers in the Houston area.

Relocating to the Suburbs of Houston, TX

Tracking Down Houston Relocation Experts

Tuesday, March 13th, 2012

Houston Relocation Experts

It can be incredibly frustrating to move with the “help” of unreliable or shady movers.  It can almost be enough to make you question why you ever relocated in the first place.  Your first feeling when you step into your new home should not be regret or frustration.  That’s why it’s so important to find Houston relocation experts who offer a wide range of helpful services at affordable rates.  Depending on your recent experience, you probably either think these companies should be easy to find or that they flat don’t exist.  Let’s address both of these viewpoints…

In a perfect world, the creme would always rise to the top, as the saying goes.  It should be easy to find the highest quality Houston relocation experts, since these are the companies likely to have the best reputations with recent customers, etc.  Whether it’s poor advertising, good tactics by the unreliable movers, or something else, it can be difficult to determine who’s good and who’s not.

But do high quality Houston relocation experts even exist?  Believe it or not, reliable, affordable moving companies in the Houston area are everywhere, with a trail of satisfied customers to prove it.  But how can you cut to the chase and find them without risking choosing a fake?

That’s where we come in.  We’ve already assembled a list of the most reliable and affordable Houston relocation experts, allowing you to choose from only the best of the best.  All you have to do is click the giant orange bar below and fill out one quick form.  You’ll be on your way to the 77036, the 77060, and beyond in no time.

Affordable Moving Rates in the Houston Area

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Taking the Time to Find Reliable Missouri City, TX Movers

Saturday, January 28th, 2012

Reliable Missouri City, TX Movers

Far too many people don’t put a lot of time into planning a move, then wonder why it doesn’t go very well.  You’re clearly searching for moving information related to reliable Missouri City, TX movers, so why don’t we address the importance of this issue and how much time you’ll have to dedicate to it…

Dependable Moving Companies in Suburban Houston

Recent experience has taught many people that reliable moving companies are a figment of the imagination.  This is actually true, though only for people who never both to actually look for them.  Your choice of movers will probably determine the success or failure of your move.  Reliable Missouri City, TX movers will give you an excellent moving experience, leaving you worry-free.  Bad movers will hit you with shoddy service and hidden fees, making you wonder why you ever decided to move in the first place.

Finding High Quality Texas Movers

Low Price Moving Companies in the Houston Suburbs

Yep, it’s just that easy.  One click of the orange button is all it takes to get free moving price quotes from the highest-rated companies in the suburban Houston area.  We’ve already done all the homework for you, sorting out all the shady movers so you can choose from the best of the best.  Great moving services, attractive pricing, and professional staff are just a few of the perks waiting for you when relocating to the 77459 or the 77489.

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Getting on a Roll With Reliable Moss Hill, TX Movers

Saturday, October 29th, 2011

Reliable Moss Hill, TX Movers

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “A rolling stone gathers no moss.”  There’s a similar, less popular phrase that goes, “You’re less likely to get burned with a well planned move.”  True, I may have just made that one up, but it has the same feel as the first.  If you’re looking to relocate to Houston suburb of Moss Hill, the sooner you get rolling with planning your move the better, especially when it comes to finding reliable Moss Hill, TX movers.

Knowing Your Own Moving Needs

A serious misstep that a lot of people make during the planning of their move is to not sit down and figure out exactly what they’re expecting from their moving company.  It can become a real mistake to go in blindly with some of those first calls to potential movers.  That’s how a lot of people get upsold on services they have no real use for.  The first step to finding reliable Moss Hill, TX movers at a great rate is to know what you want going in.

The Source for Low Houston Moving Rates

After you know what you need, what’s the best route for cutting to the chase and talking only with the reliable moving companies?  Believe it or not, you’re in the right spot by visiting  Clicking on the giant, subtle orange button below will set you up with free moving quotes from the reliable Moss Hill, TX movers.  These guys will get you to the 77575 lickity split and leave you with a great impression of their company.

Cheap Movers in the Houston Area

The best Houston area moving rates are waiting for you at!

Gambling on Cheap Relocation Experts in Dickinson, TX

Thursday, September 1st, 2011

Cheap Relocation Experts in Dickinson, TX

Dickinson is a small city in the Houston area with a history of organized crime and casinos.  YIKES! It’s ok, though, these things are long in the past.  If you want the Dickinson area to be in your future, you’d probably be awfully interested in knowing everything there is to know about cheap relocation experts in Dickinson, TX.  Even more important, can you trust them?

You Cannot Trust Cheap Movers in the Houston Area

Those who have told you this clearly haven’t been looking for movers the right way.  They’ll probably tell you all about teaser low price quotes, hidden fees on moving day, and completely unreliable service throughout.  Some may even tell you about having their belongings held ransom until they’re willing to pony up extra money.  Scared yet?  Keep reading, it’ll pass.

You Can Trust Cheap Texas Movers

So who are we to tell you that you can trust cheap relocation experts in Dickinson, TX?  Experts, that’s who.  This website is built solely for the purpose of providing you and those like you with great moving info and free price quotes on moving services from cheap relocation experts in Dickinson, TX who will treat you right.  We know you can’t trust just anyone with your move to the 77539, which is why we make it so easy for you to find great movers.  How easy is it?  Just click the big orange button.

Texas Moving Tips

Get on the Road With Addicks Barker Movers

Friday, July 1st, 2011

Addicks Barker Movers

Addicks Barker is an area of Houston, Texas perhaps most well known for the several major highways that cross through.  If you’ve taken a trip on a major thoroughfare in the Houston area, chances are you’ve been through Addicks Barker.  Of course, if you’re looking to settle in the area, you’ll want to do so with a moving company you can trust to get your belongings and your sanity there in one piece.  Taking the time to find such movers is often frustrating enough on its own, which is why so many choose to cut corners on this important element of planning a move.  Before you make that same old mistake, consider the following three tips:

    Moving Companies in Suburban Houston

    1. Pre-Planning a Move – This is not only important for getting things done in a timely fashion, but also for getting a great mover.  Much like their counterparts in other cities, Addicks Barker movers cannot provide an accurate price quote without the full story.  So, it’s up to you to walk around your house and take stock of what you have and what you’ll need from your movers.
    2. Professional Movers – Believe it or not, some folks need to take the time to make a conscious choice to not skimp on the quality of their moving company.  Remember, these are the people you’re entrusting with the safety of all your belongings.  Do yourself a favor and take the time to find a great mover in the 77084.
    3. Useful Moving Services – Of course, you’ll need Addicks Barker movers that are actually able to provide the moving services you require to complete your move with a minimum of frustration and anxiety.  The best movers in the Houston area gladly offer a wide range of such services to meet their customers’ needs.

    Finding great Houston area moving companies is easy with help from!

    Moving Companies in South Houston Are on the Right Track

    Sunday, May 15th, 2011

    Movers in South Houston

    The city of South Houston was originally founded on the strength of the local railroad system, delivering produce throughout Texas and beyond.  The city now has much more than a railroad system to attract potential residents.  But, if you’ve used a bad moving company lately, you might feel like your whole day was derailed by that one poor decision.  Luckily, the best moving companies in South Houston are definitely on the right track is no many ways…

    Texas Moving Experts

    • Helpful Moving Services – The best movers in the Houston area gladly offer a wide range of helpful moving services, which allows their customers to customize their move to match their specific needs.  For example, if you’re interested in packing services or storage, the best moving companies in South Houston are happy to provide.
    • Reliable Moving Staff – The top-tier movers know that their moving staff is the face of their company, so they take the time to select conscientious, professional employees who will provide you with reliable service on the day of your move.
    • Insured Moving Vehicles – The last thing you need to worry about on your moving day is the quality of the vehicle your things are being transported in.  That’s why the best moving companies in South Houston maintain clean, insured moving vehicles for all their moves.

    I know, these movers sound great.  But where can you actually find such great companies?  Right here at is a great place to start.  With one quick form, you’ll be well on your way to a fantastic deal from the best Houston area movers.  Free moving quotes from only the best movers in the 77587?  Full speed ahead.

    The best Texas movers are waiting for you at!