Finding the Best Houston Suburbs

Saturday, March 9th, 2013

The Best Houston Suburbs

If you start digging for information on Houston, Texas, you’ll quickly come across a lot of folks debating online about the best Houston suburbs.  Depending on what you’re reading, you could become fully convinced to relocate to a portion of the Houston area you never would have considered.  Before getting too wrapped up in the information out there, why not set yourself up for successful research by incorporating the following tips…

  • Where You Want to Be – Whether you’re single or have a few kids, there are some keys items you’re probably looking for in your new neighborhood.  It could be access to certain school, close proximity to specific attractions or entertainment, or even just the type of homes you can get.  Make sure to base your decision on what you really need to have around you.
  • Where You’re Going – If you’re relocating to the Houston area for a job, then you obviously need to be within a tolerable distance to your employer.  How far that may be is also a matter of preference, and something you’ll have to balance against the first tip above.
  • Intangibles – A big city like Houston has so much going for it and such rich character and culture around every corner that you may find it difficult to decide where you want to end up.  Visit the homepage of the communities you’re considering and try to get a feel for the lifestyle.  If you’re close enough, take a day trip and see how you like the overall atmosphere.  Remember, this is a big decision and it deserves proper research.

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Why Real Moving Boxes Matter

Thursday, February 28th, 2013

Why Real Moving Boxes Matter

If the above image looks pretty similar to your usual source for moving boxes, you’re certainly not alone.  It’s certainly unlikely that any of your fellow dumpster divers could ever say they had a great move with these boxes.  Those who use actual moving boxes purchased from a reputable source, though, have a mcuh higher satisfaction rate.

Why Used Moving Boxes Aren’t Ok

Many people aren’t aware that moving boxes are actually rated for strength.  If you look closely at a real moving box, you’ll see an edge crush test (ECT) rating that helps you compare strength.  What people also don’t know is that the measured strength of a box goes right out the window with the first crease, fold, or dented corner.  Used boxes may seem like a steal, but they’re likely to lead to damaged items, which will cost you much more.

Finding Affordable Moving Boxes

If you’re lucky enough to be working with reliable movers, they’re likely to offer reasonably priced packing supplies and boxes.  There’s no better way to ensure you’re getting the good stuff than to go through a dependable moving company that knows the best suppliers of moving materials.

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Top Winter Attractions in Houston, Texas

Tuesday, January 29th, 2013

Top Winter Attractions in Houston, Texas

Whether you’re a long-time Houston area resident who’s looking for some fun, or even an out-of-towner trying to escape from the snow and cold of your home state, Houston is a great place to head to for winter activities and entertainment.  True, you might not find many sledding hills, but no snow definitely doesn’t mean no fun…

Houston Rockets Basketball

Even though it’s still so pleasant outside, that doesn’t mean you can’t head inside for some high quality professional basketball.  Some exciting off season acquisitions have made the Rockets a must see.  If you’re looking to see the stars of the NBA in their prime, then Houston basketball is for you.

First Saturday Arts Market

Held in the Wind Water Gallery parking lot in downtown Houston, this once a month arts festival is extremely popular, even in the winter.  You can’t go wrong with live music, art exhibits, local crafts, and more.  Plus, admission is free.  The arts market is a great way to get some exposure to the local Houston arts scene.

Buffalo Bayou Kayaking

Feel like being outside and getting away from it all?  Buffalo Bayou is perfect for you.  Whether you want to take the kayaking course and guided tour or just explore on your own, this excursion is perfect for the outdoorsy types.

Read more about all the great winter activities in Houston at City Guide by clicking here.

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Houston Area Job Growth is Strong and Steady

Sunday, January 13th, 2013

Houston Job Growth

If you happen to have the freedom to relocate to any number of big cities, one of the biggest factors you’ll probably consider is the prospect for job growth.  So, while a city like Houston and its surrounding suburbs has a ton to offer, what’s the job situation like?

Even Job Numbers are Bigger in Texas

Job growth since 2000 indicates that Texas is doing quite well.  CNN/Money Magazine’s top 25 list of “Where the Jobs Are” includes five separate counties in Texas.  Something is definitely going right down here in the Lone Star state.  Fort Bend County, which includes Houston suburbs like Sugar Land and Missouri City, comes in at #2 on the list.  78.1% job growth since 2000 certainly isn’t anything to ignore (click here to read more).

More Recent Job Growth in Houston

The Business Journal took a look at private sector job growth since September 2007 in all metro areas larger than 500,000 people.  Houston tops the list by a wide margin, adding more than 122,000 jobs in a five year span (click for more).  What does that mean for you as a potential new resident of the Houston area?  It means Houston is the type of place where employers are willing to setup shop and start investing in expanded business operations and more employees.  Houston clearly offers a friendly business environment that encourages growth, which is great news for residents’ future job prospects.

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How is the Home Buyer’s Market in Houston for 2013?

Saturday, December 29th, 2012

Buyer's Market in Houston

Population growth in Houston and the surrounding suburbs is still going strong, despite relatively poor housing numbers nationwide.  Houston obviously has a lot attractions and entertainment to offer to a wide range of people.  And housing prices can obviously vary considerably depending on what price point and geographic area you’re looking for.  But if you’re looking to relocate to the greater Houston area, what you can expect from 2013’s buyer’s market?

Buyer’s Advantage

As mentioned previously, a big city like Houston has a lot to offer people considering a move.  Houston is also well known for good employment numbers and a relatively low foreclosure rate.  These factors and others have the real estate site Trulia to predict Houston will be among the healthiest housing markets in the coming year (click here to read more).  That means a lot of good quality and prices for incoming buyers.

The Best Time to Buy a Home

It’s impossible to predict the best time to buy or sell a home.  If it was easy, there’d be way more rich folk out there.  Having said that, plenty of recent analyses have indicated the housing markets of several major cities have hit rock bottom and are on the rebound.  For buyers, that means the time is now to finally pull the trigger and dive into a new home (click here for more).

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Three Places to Find Homes for Sale By Owner in Houston

Friday, December 14th, 2012

Homes for Sale by Owner in Houston, TX

Buying a home that’s for sale by the owner can be a great way to avoid some hefty realtor fees and possibly save time and money during your home search.  Of course, finding these listings is typically more difficult, since there’s no realty company involved that’s publicizing the homes.  So where can you go to find FSBO listings in the Houston area? – Houston Listings

Thanks to the internet, homeowners are able to organize themselves and get their FSBO listings advertised effectively.  One of the best resources is  You can select any geographic area and price range you want.  You can also alternate between a simple list view and a map view that shows you the exact location you’re dealing with.  Click here for more info from this great site.

Zillow FSBO in Houston, TX

Zillow is a great website for tracking historical information on home sales, property values, etc.  They also feature a map showing FSBO listings in the Houston area.  The map is super easy to use and continually updates as you slide around and zoom in or out.  Any property you click on will display list price, property value over time, and key contact details.  For information is available by clicking here. – No Realtor Needed allows sellers to purchase a flat fee MLS listing, which gets their home officially listed for buyers to see.  If you’re a buyer, you can sign up for their complimentary new listing notification service.  You can search for homes by price range, neighborhood, school district, and more.  The website is easy to use and contains tons of great listings.  Click here to browse the listings at

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How Are Current Home Prices in Houston?

Sunday, December 9th, 2012

Current Home Prices in Houston, Texas

They say real estate is about three things: location, location, location.  So how are home prices in Houston doing?  Are we seeing any form of recovery yet?  Are there still good deals to be had for folks looking to relocate to the Houston area?

The Hot Housing Market in Houston took a look at the home markets in various big cities and determined that Houston’s is one of the hottest right now, particularly for residential properties.  They found that the inventory of homes for sale is low (meaning people are finally buying up available homes) and that builders have responded by constructing a higher number of new homes.  This is all good news, as it shows things are really picking up in the Houston area.  Check out the article for more info (click here).

Home Prices by Neighborhood

Trulia is a very popular real estate website that features a ton of helpful information, particularly if you’d like to zero in on a specific neighborhood in Houston.  Their “heat map” lets you compare Houston neighborhoods by average listing price, average selling price, popularity, etc.  If you’re flexible on where you’re going to live in the Houston area, this map is a very valuable tool.  Trulia also provides information on how much prices have changed over time.  Click here to visit the Trulia heat map.

Now’s a great time for real estate in Houston, whether you’re buying or selling.  If you’re looking to move out or move in, you’ll need the help of experienced, affordable relocation companies.  Get quotes from the best by clicking the big button below…

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Who Are the Top Employers in Houston, Texas?

Wednesday, August 29th, 2012

Top Employers in Houston, Texas

Big cities like Houston, Texas generally attract a wide array of businesses that hire a ton of people.  These corporations quickly establish a reputation with the locals in regard to the quality of their employment experience.  Houston has quite a few well known corporations who employ a significant segment of the city’s population.  Let’s explore a few:

  • Memorial Hermann Healthcare System – Texas’ largest non-profit healthcare system, Memorial Hermann operates 12 hospitals in the greater Houston area.  In total, Memorial Hermann employs 19,500 in the Houston area.  They also operate the teaching hospital for the University of Texas, helping to turn out the next generation of physicians.
  • University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center – If you haven’t guessed already, the Houston area is renowned for its medical presence.  The MD Anderson Cancer Center employs about 15,000 Houstonians.  The Cancer Center’s lofty mission is to eliminate cancer through a mix of patient care and research.
  • ExxonMobil – No list about Houston would be complete without mentioning an oil company.  ExxonMobil is the world’s largest oil refiner and the largest publicly traded international oil and gas company.  That equals employment for about 13,000 Houstonians.

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Moving Information – Why You Should Notice

Monday, July 30th, 2012

Houston, Texas Moving Information

You’re probably pretty busy, especially if you have a move coming up.  So why should you care about  I’ll keep it short since you’re pressed for time.  Here at, we offer several free services that are critical to the success of your move.  Interested?  Read on…

Moving Tips and Information from Experienced Professionals

They say information is power, and that phrase was never more true than during moving planning.  If you go into your moving day without all the best information and advice, there’s a good chance your day could go badly and you’ll end up frustrated and (hopefully not) out more money than you should be.  That’s why we’ve dedicated so much of our site to simply providing the best Houston-specific moving tips to our readers.  You deserve an experienced local voice to help guide you through the tricky moving process.

The Lowest Rates on Reliable Moving Services in Texas

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If you’re thinking it can’t be that easy, you’re wrong.  Try it out and see.  Your move will thank you for it.

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Relocation Tips – Great Things About Houston

Monday, May 14th, 2012

Relocating to Houston, Texas

Houston and its suburbs are getting more and more popular over the years, and for good reason.  There are a lot of attractions, entertainment, and plenty of other things that draw people to the area.  If you’re considering a move to Houston, what are some of the top attractions you can expect to enjoy upon your arrival?

  • Cultural Diversity of Houston – Houston is quite the melting pot, with several nationalities represented among its citizens.  This has led to some fantastic opportunities to experience a wide array of cultural activities, art, and food.  You’ll never run out of new experiences.
  • Houston Professional Sports – Houston is home to quite a few successful sports franchises.  The Texans are finally living up to their potential and contending on a yearly basis.  The Rockets and Astros are building entertaining rosters and likely to compete in the near future.
  • Big City Conveniences – Like any big city, Houston offers a wide array of choices for almost any product or service you could possibly be interested in.  You’re sure to find a great choice among all these options, especially if you do a little research in advance.

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