Don’t Get Hosed When Moving to Pasadena, Texas

Sunday, January 2nd, 2011


Moving to Pasadena Texas

Ok, let me explain.  Pasadena, Texas is home to the country’s largest volunteer firefighter force.  So that’s where the “hosed” thing comes in (pretty funny, right?).  You know what’s not funny?  Actually getting hosed by bad movers when moving to Pasadena, Texas or anywhere else in the country.  Here’s how it happens…

Price Quotes on Moving Services

We’ve harped on obtaining lots of moving quotes in several posts.  Without doing so, you’ll never really know if you’re getting a good price from your moving company in the 77502 or the 77507.  Unfortunately, many people take this as a search for the absolute lowest price they can find.  Your move is too important to trust to someone like Bob’s Discount Movers.  Many who have gone with the significantly lowest offer have been hit with shady service, hidden charges, or both.

Moving Company Reviews

Finding a review website for moving companies can be great.    Even better, check around with your friends and family when moving to Pasadena, Texas to see if they know the movers you’re considering.  A bad idea?  Signing up with a moving company without checking such reviews or digging deeper into their background.  An no, one good review isn’t enough to trust.

Of course, if you want to only deal with great movers when moving to Pasadena, Texas, then is a great fit for you.  No, we’re not movers, but we can set you up with all the best area movers in just a few quick minutes.  All the quotes you can handle and all the research already done.  Sweet.

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