Why Real Moving Boxes Matter

Thursday, February 28th, 2013

Why Real Moving Boxes Matter

If the above image looks pretty similar to your usual source for moving boxes, you’re certainly not alone.  It’s certainly unlikely that any of your fellow dumpster divers could ever say they had a great move with these boxes.  Those who use actual moving boxes purchased from a reputable source, though, have a mcuh higher satisfaction rate.

Why Used Moving Boxes Aren’t Ok

Many people aren’t aware that moving boxes are actually rated for strength.  If you look closely at a real moving box, you’ll see an edge crush test (ECT) rating that helps you compare strength.  What people also don’t know is that the measured strength of a box goes right out the window with the first crease, fold, or dented corner.  Used boxes may seem like a steal, but they’re likely to lead to damaged items, which will cost you much more.

Finding Affordable Moving Boxes

If you’re lucky enough to be working with reliable movers, they’re likely to offer reasonably priced packing supplies and boxes.  There’s no better way to ensure you’re getting the good stuff than to go through a dependable moving company that knows the best suppliers of moving materials.

The key words in the above paragraph are “reliable” and “dependable” when it comes to your movers.  Where do you go to quickly find the best movers for the job?  The Houston Movers homepage is a great start.  Just plug in your moving information to receive complimentary price quotes from the best relocation companies in the Houston area.

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