Riding the METRORail in Houston, Texas

Thursday, September 27th, 2012

Houston, Texas METRORail

If you’ve been to downtown Houston, you’ve probably noticed the METRORail, an electric train that runs right through the heart of Houston.  The Metro stops at 16 different locations, including downtown, the Museum District, and the Medical Center.  The rail line a is very convenient way to move around Houston and operates right on the city streets.

METRORail Fares and Schedule

The rail only costs $1.25 to ride and riders can load a Q Card with money beforehand, making the purchase of tickets smooth and quick.  Schedule varies by day of the week, but trains arrive every 6 to 20 minutes (see the detailed schedule by clicking here).  The train reaches the end of the line in approximately 30 minutes, meaning riders always have a quick ride to their destination.

METRORail Expansion

Despite intense political opposition to its initial construction and continued reluctance on on the part of some Houston residents, several additional stations are currently under construction, with even more planned for the future.  Houston was one of the largest cities without a rail system prior to the METRORail’s construction and is getting more and more modern with every additional station.

The METRORail is a great way for visitors to cover a lot of Houston without much effort.  It also present residents with a great way to ditch the car and have a relaxing commute or weekend excursion.  Check out more information on the METRORail at their website (http://www.ridemetro.org/services/rail.aspx).

Electric Rail in Houston, Texas