The Main Attractions in Houston Texas

Sunday, July 15th, 2012

Attractions and Entertainment in Houston

Houston, Texas obviously has a lot to offer folks, as evidenced by recent population growth numbers.  But what does the area have to offer you?  I suppose that depends what you’re most interested in, but whatever floats your boat, you’ll definitely find it in Houston…

Artsy Stuff and Museums in Houston

If museums are your thing, you better be sure to hit up the Museum District of Houston.  Just like it sounds, this area of Houston offers a ton of venues at which you can get your museum on.  If you’re into the artsy stuff, the highlight will definitely be the 6th largest art museum in the country.

Getting Your Fill of Houston Sporting Events

With professional sports franchises in three of the four major sports, Houston is definitely not lacking in sports action.  Whether you’re into double plays, alley oops, or touchdown celebrations, you can find all you want in Houston.  The city has also become a destination for major sporting events like the 2016 NCAA Men’s Basketball Final Four.

Unique Entertainment in the Houston Area

Even if some of the obvious places listed above aren’t quite your style, you can rest easy knowing that Houston has plenty of unique entertainment experiences waiting for you.  Interested in art classes, cake-making lessons, or even photography classes?  You can find stuff like that all over Houston.

I bet you’re really excited to get to Houston now.  Before you jump the gun, though, keep in mind that you’ll need reliable, affordable Houston area movers to get you there.  Don’t have time to find the best ones?  That’s ok, we’ve already sifted through the available movers and picked the top companies out for you.  Click the big orange button to get rolling…

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Moving in the Houston Metropolitan Area

Dealing With Traffic While Moving To, From, or Around the Houston Area

Friday, June 29th, 2012

Dealing With Traffic During a Houston Move

There’s not much negative you can say about Houston.  The weather is great, the entertainment and attractions are awesome, etc.  There are those times, though, when the traffic can be a real bear, especially if you happen to get caught in it during your move.  So let’s discuss some strategies to avoid, or at least minimize, traffic-related frustrations on your big moving day…

Insider Information for your Moving Day

One good thing about traffic jams is they tend to be mostly predictable.  This may be a bad thing if you’re a commuter with only one good route to choose from, but if you’re moving into, out of, or around the Houston area, chances are you’ll be more flexible.  With that in mind, you’ll want to scope out a few potential routes and see which is the best from a traffic perspective.  You can also talk to family and friends who might be more familiar with the area.  Heck, why not ask your movers to schedule you for a time and choose a route designed to avoid the worst traffic periods?  For up-to-date road construction info, check out the DOT site at

Dealing with Traffic on Moving Day

So how do you setup moving day to properly deal with traffic?  Make sure you check out that link about as often as possible leading up to the day so there are no surprises.  Consider having a few backup routes in case your primary route is crazy.  Leave a little extra time in case of bad traffic.  Above all, don’t freak out if you get stuck in bumper-to-bumper.  Sure, the day drags on, but you’ll soon be in your new home and having a great time.

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Relocating to the Suburbs of Houston

Relocation Tips – Great Things About Houston

Monday, May 14th, 2012

Relocating to Houston, Texas

Houston and its suburbs are getting more and more popular over the years, and for good reason.  There are a lot of attractions, entertainment, and plenty of other things that draw people to the area.  If you’re considering a move to Houston, what are some of the top attractions you can expect to enjoy upon your arrival?

  • Cultural Diversity of Houston – Houston is quite the melting pot, with several nationalities represented among its citizens.  This has led to some fantastic opportunities to experience a wide array of cultural activities, art, and food.  You’ll never run out of new experiences.
  • Houston Professional Sports – Houston is home to quite a few successful sports franchises.  The Texans are finally living up to their potential and contending on a yearly basis.  The Rockets and Astros are building entertaining rosters and likely to compete in the near future.
  • Big City Conveniences – Like any big city, Houston offers a wide array of choices for almost any product or service you could possibly be interested in.  You’re sure to find a great choice among all these options, especially if you do a little research in advance.

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Relocation to the Houston Suburbs