7 Things Professional Moving Companies Wish You Knew

No one enjoys the moving process, as it is typically both a stressful and expensive experience. Due to this, often people throw the DIY approach out the window and instead hire professional movers to get the job done. However, hiring movers typically doesn’t get rid of the stress entirely, as there are still many things that could go wrong. It is best to know how moving professionals work best, which means knowing when you should help them out and when you should get out of their way to make your moving day go as smoothly as possible. We’ve put together a list of things that your moving company WISHED you knew to make their job and your move as easy as possible.


1.  Prepare Before the Movers Get There

Before you do anything, first think about everything that needs to get done so that your moving day can go smoothly. Do you need to find parking for the moving truck? Do you have to reserve your apartment’s elevator beforehand? If you are moving in or out of an apartment, then it is also important to know the building’s rules, such as if they have designated moving hours so that you do not run into any major issues.



2.  Let Movers Know Which of Your Things Are Fragile and Valuable

Movers cannot read your mind, and so they will not have any idea what the value of your things are, and they will not necessarily know which of your things are fragile. Make a list of the possessions you want your movers to be extra careful with. The easiest way to handle damage is to avoid it entirely by communicating with your moving company about the things that are precious and/or valuable.


3.  Pack Your Stuff Up Before Moving Day

If you decide you want to do your own packing, then ensure that you’ve finished doing so before the moving company gets there. Don’t leave any of your boxes scattered around the house or un-taped. Ensure that all of your boxes are correctly filled and taped up and place them all in one room so that your movers can quickly access them when they show up. Doing so will speed up the moving process enormously and will also ensure that your things are kept safe. It is also recommended that you stack your boxes against the wall so that your movers can move around freely.


4.  Properly Label Your Boxes

You do not need to write down everything you’ve put into the box, but it is a good idea to note where you want the box in your new apartment or home so that your movers can put it where it needs to go without asking you or just guessing. Doing so will also save you money if your movers are charging an hourly rate. Additionally, make sure your movers will be able to understand your labels. For example, if you write “Ron’s room” make sure your movers know which room you are talking about.


5.  Don’t Hover

You may think you are doing your movers a favor by getting into the truck with them and sorting through items or helping them lift boxes, but you are more than likely just getting in the way. Movers are professionals who are trained and skilled at what they do. They’ve likely created a plan on how to get your move done as efficiently as possible and so it is important that you respect that. This means not hovering over them and letting them get the job done. You are better off directing your movers into the right rooms and reassembling your furniture in your new abode.


6.  Don’t Forget to Tip Your Movers

You should tip your movers anywhere between $20 and 50, but if you are feeling generous, then they will gladly accept more. Keep in mind that your movers’ job is no easy task and so tipping them will be greatly appreciated. Additionally, if you want stellar service, you may even consider tipping your movers before they start so that they are motivated to work hard. Buying your movers lunch is also a nice gesture that won’t go unnoticed.


7.  Make Sure to Do Research on Your Moving Company

The moving industry, unfortunately, has a terrible reputation. You will find that there are good movers and bad movers. Keep in mind that every moving company out there will be on their best behavior when discussing the estimate, but it is essential to look beyond that to find the company that will both efficiently move your things and make the process as comfortable as possible for you. It is recommended that you swing by the office in person to ensure that they are the real deal and not just one guy working out of his home.


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